Friday, June 30, 2017

The Buffalo News vs WGR550 the Ongoing Fued

By Steve

Everyone likes a good fued right? Especially when you hate both sides. And what else is twitter for other than petty fueds and weird beefs.

In the small market tiny world of Buffalo Sports Media there are basically two dogs. And theyre both asshats. The Buffalo News and WGR550. They hate each other, are seemingly polar opposites and always close to all out brawling. And only entertaining when going at each other.

And thats exactly what we got this morning with Jeremy White of WGR and Tim Graham of TBN. Fun!

Evidently White praised some interview barstool did with Jack Eichel saying theyre the best at interview. Graham (in his expected pompous self agrandizing way) ripped White for not doing the interview himself. He seemed intimating that White was lazy and WGR is too pussy to do good interviews. And sensitive whiney White took exception.

Sabres Trade for Defenseman Marco Scandella

Buffalo has acquired Jason Pominville, Marco Scandella and a 4th (2018) from Minnesota for Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno and a 3rd (2018).

Marco scandella has 3 years left on his contract $4 mil cap hit.
Pominville has 2 years left $5.6 mil hit
Tyler Ennis has 2 years left $4.6 mil hit
Foligno is an RFA but made $2.25 in 2016

Pominville had 21 goals and 51 points.

Dumping two bums for two actual hockey players seems like a good trade. The Sabres added a bunch of salary but nothing too long term. Ennis is done, getting rid of him seems like a minor miracle.

For that I like it but for the most part this seems like a nothing trade. This defenseman seems to be at best a second pairing guy. And just a guy. It seems like the Sabres knew they had no chance at Shattenkirk so decided to make a move to get rid of a bum for someone from their hey day that can still score.

A good trade but nothing to get erect about.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Video Review: BillsMafia a Barstool Doc

By Steve

Here is the video if you havent seen it yet:
For the non tweeters

Its a "documentary" Bar Stool Sports made to show off their old footage from the Ralph the last few years. Its only 9 minutes and mostly rehashes footage we've all seen. Its equally hilarious and dumb and usless at the same time.

There were some fun classics like the butt chug video, tables being smashed and burned and some actual knew but highly pathetic footage delving deeper into dildogate.

They interviewed two dumbasses with idd sweatshirts on bragging about throwing the dildo AND their mother bragging about them bragging about throwing a dildo. This (presumed) sad lonely divorcee was about as sad and odd as it gets.

Why would she agree to be filmed for this internet only video seemingly made just to embarrass Bills fans and Buffalo? Aure its made in jest but what does she get out of this except scorn and ridicule? Funny I suppose but very weird. "My sons three a dildo at the game lulz" huh? Also now that everyone definitely knows who these bros are wont they get a life time ban or some other trouble?

That being said the video is worth about 9 minutes of your time, I hope Barstool comes back this season to film part 2 and that throwing a dildo vs New England becomes tradition akin to catfish and octopii

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sabres Hire Phil Housley as Head Coach meh

By Steve

So the new GM Botterill was a former Sabre and now the new head coach is a former Sabre (and was seemingly a bust). Are Buffalo sports franchises contractually obligated to hire people who have connections to the organizations?

Who knows if Housley is a good hire. Do coaches in the NHL mean ANYTHING? Anyone knew who Nashville's coach was before May? I still dont know who the Penguins coach is.

I guess at least he was a fast puck moving defenseman when he played. Maybe ol Phil can lace em up and be a player/coach! Or teach Rostonainen to not be a shitty defenseman. WHO KNOWS?

Didnt we all love the Bylsma hire because he had experience and delt well with superstar bitchboys? That worked! Oh wait no, lets get the opposite now!

Get ur shit together Botterill its gonna be a busy month bud.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bills Hire Puppet as GM

By Steve

All hail king McDermott, who is more powerful in Pegula tower, Sean "dougy" McDermott or Jack Eichel? Jeez.

Brandon Beane, some Panthers flake is the new general manager. Is he qualified? Probs. Is he a puppet of McD? Of course. Here's Terry's statement:

""During our search for a new General Manager, Brandon stood out to Kim and I as he embodies the type of leader and type of person we want in our organization. Brandon has excelled in a variety of roles for a Panthers team that has consistently competed at a high-level in this league. We feel his vast understanding and experience in many facets of football operations will be invaluable to our club moving forward. We also believe his vision for the Buffalo Bills combined with his detailed approach will help build a foundation for sustained success. We are pleased to welcome Brandon and his family to Buffalo.""

Thats the record of the Panthers since Carolina hired Brandon Beane. Guy doesnt even have his own wikipedia page. Is that consistently competed at a high level?

How is Sean McDermott qualified to be the coach hire the GM and basically run an entire franchise? Does Terry Pegula have any clue what so ever what he is doing? This seems like an odd and foolhardy decision to empower an complete unknown.

This isnt a horrible hire in that Beane will (seemingly) be able to work well with the head coach which is much more ideal than previous arrangements around here. The main question is McDermott. And we will get that answer after about 8 games.

Wait was he hired because he has the same name as Russ Brandon? Food for thought.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bills Fire GM Doug Whaley, Meh

By Steve

Can the Buffalo Bills fire their general manager and ambivalence prevails? Evidently.

Terry Pegula is the figuritive definition of incompetence. Why wasnt Whaley fired in January? Why does Russ Brandon survive like a cockroach in a nuclear hellstorm?

The Sean "douggy" McDermott show folks! He looks ok right now but it can (and will) turn ugly quick, especially at OBD.

What makes McD qualified to basically run a franchise? His interview must have been awesome! (Just like LaFontaine, Rex, Murray, Bylsma, Nolan etc. etc)

When Terry started taking over franchises around here like well connected developers in the fruit belt bought up city land he said he never fired anyone in his life. That didnt last long. Christ.

Why would anyone ever accept a job around here?

Then again Whaley was bad at his job. The Watkins trade was truly one of the worst imaginable. EJ was a disaster he never owned up too and his inability to conduct a coherent press conference was baffling.

He made a lot of good moves but he made more that were crippling. Did he hire the head coaches? Is he solely to blame for anything (besides the Watkins trade)?


Thanks for the memories and the mediocrity, I dont care.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Buffalo Bills Draft Pitt QB Nathan Peterman

By Steve

With their second 5th round pick the Bills go quarterback Nate Peterman. Originally was the QB at Tennessee but transfered to Pitt
6'2 225.


What he does best:

Not necessarily a pure/smooth thrower, but possesses a quick release.
Consistent footwork. Plays with a good base in control and throws on balance.
Great understanding of defensive recognition and where to go with the ball with the given passing scheme.
Good ball placement on short/intermediate timing routes.
Anticipates windows in zone very well.
Sees the field clearly. Consistently shows the ability to get through progressions, eliminating a read quickly and moving on to the next with relative ease.
Great overall feel and discipline in the pocket.
Athletic within the pocket and can burst to pick up key third downs with his legs.
Biggest concerns:

Arm is limited.
Doesn’t possess natural power to drive the ball. Needs to coil up to gain zip.
Ball tends to finish low on the receiver the further down the field you get.
Lacks pocket poise at times tending to bail out right when unnecessary.
Feet can get a little frenetic when facing pressure.
Inconsistent decision making outside of the pocket or late in the down at times.
Bottom line: Peterman has seen his stock rise the more people find out about him. He is a very solid, steady player with a limited ceiling – but shows a great understanding of the passing game. His arm is just OK, but with his ability to see the field clearly and work through progressions combined with his natural feel in the pocket, he has a chance to develop into a middle of the road starter. He played in a system with a lot of jet sweep gimmicks, but has experience under center and working full field progressions in both the drop back and play action pass game. Peterman can step in and be a backup on most teams right now, with the hopes there can be tweaks with a few things mechanically and as he gets older to gain more strength in his arm."

Weak arm? Yikes

Grade C-